Keystone Tip-Off Tournament

November 8th-10th
Mechanicsburg, PA
Hosted by CVYBA
Boys and Girls Teams Grades 4th - 8th

School Requirement

Teams must be comprised of players who meet one of the following :

(a) Live in same High School Boundary: Teams must be comprised of players who live within the same public high school boundary. To meet this test, the Team Representative must provide report cards, progress reports or online student information that show the players' grade level and home address. Parents may make a copy of a report card/progress report and black out any of the grade performance information for privacy reasons. If the student documentation does not show the player's home address, then a copy of a utility or cable bill must accompany the documentation.

(b) Attend same Elementary or Middle School: Teams must be comprised of players who attend the same elementary or middle school. To meet this test, the Team Representative must provide either (1) a copy of each player's school ID card, OR, (2) a report card, progress report or an online student information page showing the player's school name and grade level. Teams representing a private high school that do not meet Rule 3(a) must meet this Rule 3(b).

CVYBA’s Keystone Tip-Off: The Road to States Official Rules and Regulations:

The Keystone Tip-Off will use NFHS Rules (National Federation of State High School Associations), except for the following exceptions:


  • 3 game guarantee
  • Running Clock: 20-minute halves, stop clock last minute of each half.
    1. Except for during timeouts, or when a team is leading by more than 20 points in the second half, the clock will run continuously.
    2. Second half will begin at the half-hour mark.
  • 5-minute warm-up (maximum)
    1. no early starts, and clock starts right after previous game ends.
  • 3-minute half-time
  • 3 60-second Timeouts per game (all carry over to 2nd half).
    1. 1 timeout per overtime (no carry over from regulation).
  • All Overtimes are 2 minutes.
    1. After 2 Overtimes, third Overtime (Sudden Death) --team winner will be determined by first scorer.
    2. Championship game teams will play in as many Overtimes as it takes to determine a winner, no Sudden Death.


  • 5 fouls per player
  • After 6 team fouls in any half, any subsequent team foul will result in shooting one and one. The clock will not stop while shooting the fouls. If the clock runs out with a player on the foul line, that player will be allowed to finish their shots.
  • After 9 team fouls in any half, the subsequent team foul will result in shooting two shots, a team will shoot DOUBLE BONUS. The clock will not stop, and if the clock runs out while the player is shooting, that player will be allowed to finish with their shots.
  • At the end of the half, the fouls reset. (Fouls will carry into overtime).

Rules of Play:

  • Pressing may only occur the last 2 minutes of the game (if the game is within 20 points).
    1. No pressing or trapping (in the back court) with a 20-point lead.
  • Foul Shots:
    1. 4th grade: Players are permitted to jump over the foul line on a free throw if they began the shot attempt behind.
    2. 5th grade and above: Players must remain behind the foul line during free throw attempt.


  • Ball Size:
    1. All girls’ teams: 28.5 ball
    2. 4th & 5th grade boys: 28.5 ball
    3. 6th grade & above boys: 29.5 ball
  • Each team is required to bring a game ball to each of their games, officials will decide which ball will be used.
  • Uniform Colors:
    1. Home team will wear WHITE
    2. Visitors team will wear DARK
  • Scorekeepers:
    1. Keystone Tip-Off will provide staffing for the book and the clock.
    2. Team rosters must be submitted to bookkeeper, no later than 5 minutes before game start time.


  • Participant Conduct:
    1. All disputes are handled by the Site Director. The Site Director reserves the right to eject any player, coach, official or spectator from a facility for objectionable behavior.
  • Uniforms:
    1. Team does not have the correct color designated by Home or Visitor. A Technical Foul will be given. Player from opposing team (chosen by Coach) will get two foul shots, and opposing team will inbound the ball to start the game.
  • No-Show forfeits:
    1. If a team does not have 5 players on the floor within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time the final score will be recorded as 15-0. Teams can still commence and play i.e., 4 on 5 if both coaches agree, however it will still be recorded as a forfeit and final score of 15-0. (There will be no refunds for no-show forfeits)
  • In-Game forfeits:
    1. As per NFHS rules, if a forfeit is ruled by officials during a game, then the final score shall be the score at the time of the forfeit (if the teams that wins by forfeit was is in the lead at the time of the forfeit), or the final score will be recorded as 2-0 if the team that wins by forfeit was tied or trailing at the time of the forfeit.

Pool Standing Tiebreakers:

  • Pool Tiebreakers to determine place of finish:
    1. Number of Wins
    2. Head-to-Head result
    3. Point Differential (Includes ALL pool play games, up to 15 points max per game)
    4. Points Allowed (Includes ALL pool play games)
    5. Points Scored (Includes ALL pool play games)
    6. Coin Flip