Recreation Program Schedule

For grades 1-12, rec practices typically start the first week of November and games begin the first weekend in December.  Play usually concludes in late February.  There will be a strong focus on fundamentals at the elementary school levels. Middle school and high school rec programs focus more on gameplay.


The abbreviated kindergarten program starts in January.


The annual Award Ceremony is usually held in early March.


*All days and times are tentative pending facilities approval from the school district.*


  • 1st Grade Girls  Saturdays 9am
  • 2nd Grade Girls  Saturdays 11am
  • 3rd Grade Girls  Saturdays 12pm
  • 4th Grade Girls  Saturdays 2pm
  • 5th Grade Girls  Saturdays 9am
  • 6th/7th/8th Grade Girls Saturdays 1pm
  • High School Girls  Saturdays 1pm


  • 1st Grade Boys  Saturdays 10am
  • 2nd Grade Boys  Saturdays 11am
  • 3rd Grade Boys  Saturdays 1pm
  • 4th Grade Boys  Saturdays 3pm
  • 5th Grade Boys  Saturdays 12pm
  • 6th Grade Boys  Saturdays 9am
  • 7th Grade Boys  Saturdays 9am
  • 8th Grade Boys  Saturdays 1pm
  • 9th/10th Grade Boys  Saturdays 9am
  • 11th/12th Grade Boys  Saturdays 11am